• Nisca PR-L151 Heat Roller (Laminator)

Nisca PR-L151 Heat Roller (Laminator)

  • The PR-L151 Heat Roller (laminator) is designed to easily attach. The unit offers high-speed lamination for standard CR-80 cards and offers a state-of-the-art RS-422 high-speed communication port interfaces with the printer and allows the printers firmware and driver to optimally configure the unit for a variety of laminate materials. Additionally, multiple PR-L151's can be attached together and configured with one printer to apply different types of laminate materials to a card. This solution offers the utmost in security and protection for your applications.
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  • Brand: Nisca
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Printing SystemHeat transfer printing
Print mediaPVC
Media sizeCR-80 (54x86mm)
Print areaEntire card surface
Printing speed30sec max
Transfer ribbonTeam NiSCA protective/holographic material
CommunicationRS422, printer to heat roller
Power sourceACPower source-AC100/120v 50/60Hz.
Dimensions400 x 180 x 300mm (h x w x l)
Weight10kg max

Custom holographic effects available:

Optical Variable Links:

  • Invisible UV fluorescent inks (short wave & long wave)
  • Dual UV fluorescent inks (one color short wave & different color long wave
  • Color shifting inks (inks change colors as document is tilted)
  • Energy converting inks

Optical Variable Devices:

  • Text effects: Micro, nano, fine line printing
  • Embedded hologram – invisible to the eye
  • Hidden images – required specific wavelength to display
  • Scrambled Indicia – requires custom lens over image to display
  • Image morphing & animation – images flipping, disappearing & reappearing

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