Magnetic Stripe Card

Magnetic Stripe Card
Magnetic stripe cards come in 2 variations: HiCo (High Coercivity) and LoCo (Low Coercivity).

High Coercivity or “HiCo” Card are typically  darker in color (normally black) and they are encoded with a stronger magnetic field (2750 Oersted). HiCo 30 mil PVC cards can be swiped over and over, making them the perfect choice for credit and debit cards, access cards, loyalty cards, employee ID cards, and more. HiCo cards are recommended for most applications


Low Coercivity or “LoCo” Cards magnetic stripe cards are generally brown in color and they are encoded at a low intensity magnetic field (300 Oersted).LoCo cards are normally used for short term application such as hotel room keys, transit card  and seasons passes for theme parks or other application where cards are rarely swiped.

Blank PVC Card with HI Co Magnetic Stripe
Blank PVC Card with Lo Co Magnetic Stripe
Zebra HiCo Mag Stripe Cards
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