MIFARE Contactless Smart Card

MIFARE Contactless Smart Card

MIFARE technology is a trademark of  NXP Semiconductors used for contactless smart card and is RF enabled. The MIFARE name covers proprietary technologies based upon various levels of the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A 13.56 MHz contactless smart card standard.

The MIFARE name (derived from the term MIkron FARE Collection System) covers four families of contactless cards:

  • MIFARE Classic -1K, 4K

  • MIFARE Plus

  • MIFARE Ultralight 



Fudan Chip is a compatible  

MIFARE Classic 4K S70 Card
MIFARE Compatible FUDAN 1K
MIFARE Plus EV1 2K, 7byte UID
MIFARE Ultralight Card
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