• MIFARE Classic 4K S70 Card

MIFARE Classic 4K S70 Card

  • Product Code: Card-Mifare-NXP-4KB
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The expanded memory MIFARE Classic 4K card from NXP operates at 13.56 MHz wireless frequency, according to the ISO 14443A standard, and contains 4Kbytes of read/write memory that can be used for multiple applications. Supplied as blank white printable ISO Standard PVC card. Can be printed using plastic card printers in the market.

  • Part number: Card-Mifare-NXP-4KB

  • Chip Type: MIFARE CLASSIC  4K (S70)

  • Frequency:13.56MHz (Read & Write Capability)

  • Protocol: ISO14443A

  • Memory:4K Byte

  • Operating distance: Up to 100mm

  • Anticollision: Yes

  • Colour: White

  • Material: PVC

  • Card Size: ISO Credit Card Size 86mm x54mm

  • Card Thickness:0.80mm

  • Packing:  200 cards per box


    * 4 Kbyte, organized in 32 sectors with 4 blocks and 8 sectors with 16 block (one block consists of 16 byte)
    * User definable access conditions for each memory block
    * Data retention of 10 years.
    * Write endurance 100.000 cycles


  • We also offer a Fudan 4K contactless card, which contains a Fudan chip.

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